Mission Statement

  • Exceptional performance in all aspects of our industry.

  • Outstanding customer service.

  • Unparalleled value

Our Goals

Focus on Our Customers

For over 100 years our primary goal has been to satisfy our customers. Accompanying this primary goal is a primary benefit: by delivering a service that satisfies the first time, every time, costs go down and efficiency goes up. It simply costs less to "do it right" than to correct the problem or defect later. Satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat customers; unhappy customers will not.

Continuously Improve the System.

Every organization has room for improvement. City Newark Glass is no exception. Each of us is responsible for delivering and receiving services. Our customers are people who buy our products and services. Our project partners (the subcontractor and material supplier) interact and provide service to each other. We face tremendous opportunity by putting into place the systems that will allow for solutions to ongoing issues. We will ensure the best use of scarce resources. We will make the best use of our best assets:City Newark Glass Employees.